Hawks News · 2019 Hanover High Fall Sports Awards Program Results

On November 25, the Fall Athlete Awards Program was held. Below is a summary of the accomplishments of our Hanover High student-athletes and coaches.

2019 Hanover High School Fall Athletic Accomplishments

1st Team All-Region:

Andrew Wilkinson – Golf (Champion)                        Erika Osborn – Cross Country

Alli Crytser – Cross Country (Champion)                    Rachel Crytser (4th) – Cross Country

Samantha Fishpaw – Competition Cheer                   Jordan Harvey – Competition Cheer

Deysia Oakcrum – Competition Cheer                       Sophie Vota – Competition Cheer


2nd Team All-Region:

Delaney Childs – Girls Cross Country                          Ethan Coleman – Boys Cross Country

Bella Faudale – Girls Cross Country                            Cole Myers – Boys Cross Country

Makenzie Joiner – Girls Cross Country                       Connor Bond (12th) – Golf

Madison Klump – Competition Cheer                         Leslie Anne Currie – Girls Volleyball

Conor McFadden – Boys Volleyball


Honorable Mention All-Region

Nicole Dubec – Field Hockey                                      Allison Moore – Field Hockey

Teagan Quinn – Field Hockey                                     Tristin Williamson – Field Hockey


1st Team All State

Alli Crytser – Girls Cross Country (5th)

Samantha Fishpaw – Competition Cheer

Deysia Oakcrum – Competition Cheer

2nd Team All State

Sophie Vota – Competition Cheer


Regional Team Champions

Girls Cross Country

Regional Runner Up (Advanced to States)

Competition Cheer

4th Year Lettering on Varsity

Rachel Crytser – Girls Cross Country                                      Cole Myers – Boys Cross Country

Leslie Anne Currie – Girls Volleyball                                       Samantha Fishpaw – Comp. Cheer

Deysia Oakcrum – Comp. Cheer