Boys Varsity Baseball · One of Hanover’s Best Coaches Retires from the Field

Coach Dragum

Special story from the Hanover High, student newspaper, The Hawk Eye

Story by Caleb Collison and Karissa Fulcher, Photo by Candid Color

Three state championships. An 80% winning record. Support from students and staff alike. Coach Charlie Dragum may be leaving the field behind, but he is also leaving an impression on the minds and hearts of his players.

Coach Dragum has been one of the most successful coaches in Hanover history. He has won three state Coach of the Year awards, an honor reserved for the people who get to the core of what it means to help and teach their teams.

“The effort he puts in every day at practice is inspiring. He’s been doing this for so long and he’s had so much success,” senior Camden Grimes said.

This year was Coach Dragum’s final season coaching on Hanover fields. He’s leaving behind cleat prints from 15 years of hard work and fair play.

“Charlie’s teams are always well prepared. They play the game the right way, and he expects to win every time his team plays,” Atlee High School’s head baseball coach John Corbin said.

There’s a reason his rivals come to expect a victory from his teams. Out of all the games in his Hanover career, Coach Dragum has won 29 out of the 35 games against Atlee and won 27 out of 35 games against Lee-Davis. The other school’s coaches have nothing but respect and maybe a little jealousy for the legendary Coach Dragum.

“Coach Dragum is the ultimate competitor and whenever we get together and play, you know his team is going to be at their best every game,” Lee-Davis head coach Tyler Johnson said.

Coach Dragum has a number of stats and awards to prove his worth, but possibly the best way to show the impact he has had is to look at his teams. He has sent many players off to play for colleges all over the nation, including his son, Jack Dragum, who is heading to the University of Virginia.

“2016 was neat because my son was on that team. He has been around the program forever, and for him to get a ring and pitch in the game was pretty cool for me,” Dragum said.

Coach Dragum and his son have been working together, coach and player, for a long time. They have enjoyed many years of playing side by side and cheering each other on.

“Some years have been good, some bad and some ugly. It has put some stress on our relationship, but overall we will look back and really have enjoyed it,” Dragum said.

From 1986-1990, Coach Dragum played baseball at Virginia Commonwealth University. After his playing career there ended, he decided he wanted to maintain his connection to the game. He got a teaching and coaching position at Lee-Davis in 1993 and moved to Atlee and then Hanover when the school opened in 2003.

He coached for as long as he did because he loves the spirit of competition and the position he is in to help his players reach their fullest potential.

Coach Dragum has had many great years on the field, but now it’s time for him to join the stands. He plans to watch Jack excel at the University of Virginia.

He will continue to work as a teacher at Hanover, inspiring kids in the classroom instead of on the field, but his cleat marks will forever live on.